The Best Guide Before Going to Småland: 5 Amazing Places

Småland is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden, with its deep green forests and many cozy lakes. Småland is known for its wild nature and many cultural treasures. Find cozy hiking trails that take you through forests, clearings, and around lakes. In this article, we have written about the top 5 best activities to do in Småland. Don’t miss out!

1. Ikea (Älmhult)

You have probably heard of Ikea. You may even have been there just to enjoy their classic Swedish meatballs. With stores in more than 50 countries and a world-renowned brand, it feels like a no-brainer to visit the town where it all started when you’re in Småland.

In addition to the giant Ikea store, there’s also a museum that takes you from 1943 to the present day, where you get to follow the fantastic journey Ikea has made.



Fun fact: Ingvar Kamprad is known for his smart innovations when it comes to thinking economically. One example is the short pencils you find for free in the store, which originally were a pencil that was divided into three.

Picture of IKEA sign on a blue wall.

2. Lakes and camping sites

An important part of Småland’s landscape and culture is its lakes. You can find them pretty much everywhere in different sizes and shapes. A common activity for us when we’re in Småland is to visit different lakes and camping sites. Playing mini-golf, eating ice cream, and swimming in the lake are wonderful activities to do during the day. 

In Småland, there’s also the second-largest lake in Sweden, Vättern. With its crystal-clear water and beautiful surroundings, it’s perfect for taking a day trip here, bring your hiking shoes! 

Other popular lakes include Möckeln, Åsnen, and Sömmen where you can visit their popular camping sites, fish, or take a day hike in the fantastic nature.

A lake in Småland With a Girl Sitting In Front

3. Ramoa Adventures

If you’re in the mood for adventure, Ramoa Adventures is the place for you! With zip lines, high ropes courses, paintball, mountain biking, and many more activities, you’ll have a jam-packed day! 

The high ropes course is quite challenging, but to the relief of families, there are also many low-level obstacle courses available for kids!

There’re many accommodation options, but the coolest is definitely the floating house with two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, located in the middle of the lake. You use a rowboat or kayak to get out to them. This place is awesome and we highly recomend it!

4. Kalmar Slott (Kalmar Castle)

Kalmar Castle has a rich history and is open to visitors who want to experience its beautiful architecture and atmosphere that dates back to the Middle Ages. It feels like you’ll get back in time when entering the castle and it’s actually quite mindblowing to see something that old in that condition.

The original fortress was probably built in the 12th century according to scientists, but the current castle primarily dates back to the 16th century when Gustav Vasa had it rebuilt. If you’re interested in architecture, we think you should give this place a visit!

A picture of a castle with a rainbow in the sky.

5. Astrid Lindgren’s World

Almost all Swedish children, including the two of us, grew up with the fantastic children’s books that Astrid Lindgren wrote! Never have a Swedish author’s books been translated into as many different languages as Astrid Lindgren’s books, with over 170 million copies sold. 

If you’re going to Småland with kids (or if you’re just a fan of Astrid yourself), Astrid Lindgren’s World is a must-visit! Step into a parallel universe of Astrid Lindgren’s works with houses and environments taken from her magical stories. This is truly a place to visit for all families with children!

A yellow and blue house with Pippi Longstocking from the theme park Astrid Lindgrens World

Bonus: Gotland

Although the island of Gotland is not part of the Småland landscape, it is easy to get there from the wonderful town of Oskarshamn located on the coast of Småland.

Welcome to the island of Gotland, one of Sweden’s top tourist destinations, and it’s easy to see why. With its fantastic beaches, unique history, and cozy small towns, Gotland is a wonderful place to visit. Visby has a rich medieval history, and it is evident as soon as you enter the city. Like a medieval movie, the city has been preserved in an authentic state. 

For one week in August, they throw a Medieval Week festival. That week the whole city is transformed into a place for markets with medieval crafts, jousting, and much more! Definitely worth a visit, according to us!

Churches and houses in the background of a fountain and a pond.

To get more tips on how to explore beautiful nature and landscapes, check out our article about Skåne!

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